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Welcome to HODRON metal technology co. LTD

High quality and durable

The outstanding representative on rivet market at present, from material to whole production process, we do very carefully, and have very good performance in environmental protection

Excellent team, industry elite

All the staff of the company have made great efforts to create famous brand products of distinctive features and quality with unremitting efforts. Company with high-quality personnel, advanced technology and first-class, perfect enterprise management

Advanced process technology

The company advocates the green environmental protection, lets the customer fully experience the brand culture brings the infinite charm, the specialized devotes to the rivet production processing comprehensive enterprise

About us

 Wuxi HODRON metal technology co., LTD., set development, design, production, sales, professional to provide design solutions and riveting fastening products, with advanced quality management system and perfect supporting system. After more than 10 years of development, it has become a pioneer in the riveting and fastening industry, with a wide market worldwide and a good reputation among customers around the world.

Company main product for the structure that core pulling rivets, rivet and rivet nut, core pulling rivets main categories are: open mouth, closed, drawbench rivet (lock), drawbench rivet (lock), the hippocampus grams (light music type), single drum type rivet, drum type rivet rivet, lantern, etc. The main types of riveting nuts are: flat riveting nuts, sunk riveting nuts, small riveting nuts, hexagon riveting nuts, blind riveting nuts, etc. Materials: aluminum, iron, stainless steel, copper and Monel iron.

Company to introduce Taiwan and Italy imported advanced equipment, to ensure that provide users with high-quality products and equipment including: 2 sets of six modules, five die five 9, 13 four, two die 44 one module and two blunt, 27 nail making machine and thread rolling machine, 12 group 21 sets installed, and there are many sets of advanced testing equipment.

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